Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Information on a Male and Female Fertility Test

Get Information on a Male and Female Fertility Test

I found this information helpful and interesting. I just thought I would pass it on to everyone! If you ever thought he couldn't have children, well now is your time to find out for real!

If you are looking for a home fertility test then you will be able to find out what they do, and how they work to tell you if you are indeed ovulating in that time of the month. If you’re planning on having children, then you will want to know when the best times to conceive are. This can be tough but it doesn’t have to be when you can find out when you’re the most fertile through the months. This can help you plan for a happy healthy family quicker than before.
Female Fertility Test
This fertility test allows the woman to find out when she is ovulating. They are very simple to use, and there are many brands over the counter that come in different sensitivities to find out if she is ovulating. The test measures FSH in a woman’s urine to detect if her egg has indeed dropped, or if she should wait. This allows couples to know when the best time to have a baby is. The tests that you can purchase over the counter are 95% accurate at predicting your most fertile times of the month.
Male Fertility Test
There is now a male fertility test that can be purchased over the counter. This might not be completely accurate, but it can give a guy a heads up if things might not seem like they should be. This allows them to go to a fertility doctor if they think they are infertile. It can also predict a woman’s fertility as well. The test takes around 80 minutes to assess the situation, and the results are astonishing. This is something new for the trying to conceive community since they will be able to assess their situation from home which is much more appealing than at a doctor’s office.
Male fertility accounts for 50% of all fertility cases, and can be one of the negative effects while trying to conceive. Purchasing a home fertility test for both the male and female allows you to know if you’re able to conceive, or if you should see a fertility specialist. These fertility testing options are great for anyone who seeks to know more about their options right from home.

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