Friday, April 29, 2011

Little Boys and Baby Dolls

This is one topic that a lot of people have different views on. This is because some people do not like giving their little boys baby dolls to play with when other people might see no harm done in it. This is definitely a post on how I feel about it, but feel free to post how you feel about it. It might be able to create a conversation, and you might find that other people have different views and are strong when it comes to holding onto those views. This is something that you might want to think about, but remember to be kind when expressing your views and keep it clean. Open minded space only!

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Little Boys and Baby Dolls

As a mom who has two little boys who both own baby dolls I always hear the question of, “why do you let your boys play with dolls?” I do not find anything wrong with this myself since it is natural for boys to explore girl’s toys, as it is for girls to explore with boy’s toys. The purchasing a doll for my oldest son came about when I was getting ready to have my youngest. I wanted him to be prepared, and to know how it would be when the “new baby” came to us. This was a great idea, and he came to love his baby, feed his baby, change his baby, etc. but people are always saying that he will grow up wrong. I find this offensive due to the fact that I think it might even make them even better dads when they get older. My youngest son owns a kitchenette set which he will cook pretend food for me on for hours at a time. He may aspire to be a chef, but it should not be centered around a little girl’s toy since many men love to cook. There is much controversy when it comes to little boys cooking, cleaning, and taking care of babies. Giving them an outlook on life may be worthwhile when it comes to growing up, and learning how it is for the opposite sex. Having your children learn through these toys allows them to interact and build the skills they need throughout life. Learning through play is one thing children do, and by letting my children play with dolls, kitchenettes, and vacuums I feel they are learning the role of being an adult, and the roles that anyone should take on male or female. The times can change, and sex should not play a factor in it.

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