Monday, May 2, 2011

Age Gaps between Children

This is something that might become an issue when thinking about kids, and whether or not you want to have them far apart or close together. I think it depends on the family and their needs when it comes to choosing how far apart your children should be. You want to make sure that you choose the right age gap since you do not want a child that is much older than the other one. This means they do not grow up together.

What do you guys think?! What is a good age gap between your children, or what would you like the age gap to be?

Age Gaps between Children

When thinking about having more children, there is an age gap between other children you have and the new child to be. Would it be right to assume to have the children closer together in an age gap, or further apart, spanning them out across the years? Coming from a family of three girls, I have a sister who is three years younger, and another who is 15 years younger, I find it easier to relate and talk about problems with the closer in age sister, and I feel a more motherly instinct towards the further apart sister. Some women find it best to have their children all around the same time so they can grow, and learn together without having a tremendous age gap between each of them, and this is fine. You wonder though, what happens when you would like another baby down the road, once you are almost finished parenting the others who are just about out of the house? After doing it 15 years ago, you may seem more established, or equipped to take on another baby, but would you want to go through it all over again? These are questions that cross my mind when thinking about having another child since I want all my children around the same time. I also do not want to go through pregnancy at a later date since I feel I could travel the world and catch up on things I didn’t do as a teenager. This gives me time to myself to live without helping children grow up, although you are always there for them, they are adults on their own now. The choice is more of the single person’s preference, or the couple who are thinking of having another child. But it is something good to think about, and a great conversation to have with numerous opinions on the subject.

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