Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top Baby Gear First Blog Posting

This is the first blog in this blogging account, so I will give the run down on what I am going to talk about and what type of discussions I want to get going with the blog. One of the best things I found out is getting a topic that not many people are comfortable talking about, or perhaps a lot of people have different views on. This is something that I am hoping to accomplish with a lot of my posts since I think it is healthy for more people (even moms) to find out more information and open their minds to other things going on. Of course, I came a long way when it comes to the first two boys, and this little girl so a lot has changed when it came down to me. I am not here to put my beliefs and systems on you, but I would like to blog about a lot of topics out there that might be weighing on a lot of mom’s minds. (or dads) I am working on a lot of projects at the moment so I will also update you on the more important projects that are important to this type of topic. Not only that, but I will do reviews and give moms and dads info on baby products, baby gear, and baby information. I will also throw in pregnancy tid bits every now and again to keep you on your toes.

I will *try* not to put in my personal opinions if I feel that they are too strong for the subject or I feel too deeply about them. I encourage everyone to put what they feel under as comments because I am open to ideas and suggestions and I do hope no one will criticize or judge any of the other parents on the blog. As for baby gear, reviews I think would be good or freebies! I will also do reviews for a lot of the baby shops that I go through or the ones that I come across to give everyone more information on these sites. I am hoping to keep this blog going for awhile and get a lot of followers so I keep feel accomplished and not have to keep stopping and going without getting anything done. Give me some encouragement, and of course let me in on the things you would like to hear or post about and I will definitely create a post on that topic!

Happy reading!!

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