Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Receiving a Negative Pregnancy Test

Receiving a negative pregnancy test time after time can be frustrating and sad if you’re trying to conceive. This is something that many women have to go through, but there is still hope depending on when you received the negative pregnancy test, and when you actually conceived. There is a lot to consider when it comes to taking a pregnancy test to ensure that you do not receive false results.

False Negatives

Some women might get a false negative pregnancy test because they are testing too soon to tell if they are indeed actually pregnant. If you keep track of your ovulation then you should know around the time you might have conceived. If you do know your ovulation times then you should test around day 12 to 14 past when you ovulate. If you do not know when you ovulate then taking a test 3 or less days before your missed period is beneficial.

Although some tests do not detect a pregnancy until after you have missed a period. It is best to wait until you miss a period to check if you’re pregnant. This will ease your mind, and also give you a more accurate result. You may in fact be pregnant if you receive a false pregnancy test before you miss your period, or sometimes even after. Each pregnancy and woman differs when it comes to the hormones that their bodies make.

False Positives

Although these are rare, it can happen. There are a number of reasons why a woman would get a false positive pregnancy test. You could have had a miscarriage earlier on, and this would generate a false positive since the hormone from the last pregnancy is still in your system. Evaporation lines can show up after the time you take the test. This can make you believe you have a positive test when in fact the test sat for too long. Make sure to read the box on how long after you should not read the results. If you’re taking hormonal drugs then this can be a big indicator of a false positive since the hormones can give you a higher amount of the pregnancy hormone.

If you think you might be pregnant and received a false pregnancy test then you should visit your family doctor. They can give you a blood test to find out if you’re indeed pregnant. If you are not pregnant but still receiving positive results or have missed a period, they will be able to tell you why.

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